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Jupiter’s Star Casino, Broadbeach, Queensland

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Jupiter’s Star Casino, Broadbeach, Queensland

Installation of raised access floor to public and private gaming area, uterlising underfloor exhaust systems. This was put in place in order to accommodate overseas traveler’s social enjoyment i.e. Smoking (which is not typical of Australian gaming setup for enclosed areas).


Builder: Pro Build Constructions

Purpose & Size: Casino Suite & Gaming – 3,500m²

Duration: 12 Months

Completed: December 2017


Access Floor System Used: S6 pedestals with S8 gasket for air tightness


Jupiters Star Casino Broadbeach Queensland big

Installation of New Steel Cementitious Rigid Grid System with a 9kN loading at 347mm FFH, bare panel
Product Code: SC-9.0-RG

Installation of Calcium Sulphate Interlock System with a 9kN loading at 336mm FFH
Product Code: CS-9.0-IL


Project Features and Highlights:
The casino gaming areas are broken into three levels.

Level 1 is an open planned arrangement; level 17 and 18 are private gaming suites, with each level broken into five separate rooms. The area displays a combination of marble columns, stone floors and feature carpets, giving the feel of elegance throughout the casino.