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Coolbalance Brush Seals

Brush seals for cable management and air flow control in Datacenters

CoolBalance® is a line of brush seal products providing flexible solutions for sealing cable access holes in Datacenters and can substantially reduce Datacenter energy consumption.

Coolbalance sealing power of an impervious, yet flexible membrane sandwiched between thousands of filaments that effectively seal the openings required for Data cable access.

Data centers and computer rooms require large amounts of cooled air to maintain proper temperatures for proper server functioning.

CoolBalance cable access hole seals provide cost-effective sealing with rapid payback.

Coolbalance’s range of cable opening seal sizes and shapes ensure an effective cable management seal for balancing air flow, preventing air leakage, and keeping your servers and equipment cooled effectively and cost-efficiently. 

ASP Floors have proven results in Datacenters through out New Zealand using the Coolbalance seals with installation easily completed without any interuption to the Datacenter Power/Data/HVAC Services by our experienced installation Technicians.