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ASP Bridging Stringer

The ASP Bridging Stringer can be incorporated into applications that require bridging over 600mm to fit services such as A/C ducts, oversized cable trays, etc. The bridging stringer is designed to span across 1200mm lengths, without the use of supplementary support.


ICON X Bridging Stringer 

Bridging Stringer1


ICON Data Bridging Stringer Detail

Bridging Stringer2


Zone Baffle

zone baffle1

zone baffle2 


ASP Power Board Lid

ASP Power Board Lid

The ASP power board lid allows the occupant of the building the flexibility in choosing and designing the location of workstations and areas that require power and data services.
This power board lid is constructed from 100% recycled ABS plastic and incorporates a rubber gormmet to cover and protect the cables.


Single Wiring Tray Detail


single wiring tray detail 

The ASP wiring tray is a proprietary clipped on system. Its specialised IT stringer clips onto the pedestal head. The wiring trays are then clipped onto the bottom of the IT stringer, creating a 600mm wide cable tray.


Architectural Detail

architectural detail


Air Flow Grilles/ Panels/ Diffusers

ASP can provide a huge range of air grilles, panels and diffusers to suit any under floor air distribution system. All of our systems are fully adjustable for air volume and direction can be controlled, individually or centrally.

accessories air flow grilles 

Air Grilles
ASP air grilles come in a variety of sizes for all our panel types and are finished in a clear anodised aluminium finish, with or with dampers attached. Our air grilles come in the following sizes:
150mm x 600mm
200mm x 600mm
300mm x 600mm
600mm x 600mm

Air grill 001

air grill 2

air grill 3 

Perforated Panels

The standard size is 600mm long. This perforated panel is a hollow steel panel with an inbuilt damper to help distribute and control the air flow in Data/ Control Room applications. The perforated panel has a 25% open area. The perforated panel damper is adjusted using an Allen key which turns the damper fins. 

perforated panel tech data 1


Circular Air Diffuser
The ASP circular diffuser helps distribute and control the air flow in computer/ data/ comms/ switch room applications. Its damper can be adjusted to increase, decrease or shut the air flow to suit an individual's comfort needs, the damper is adjustable by rotating the top of the diffuser.

accessories circular air diffuser 

Grommets/ Inserts/ Koldlock
ASP has a variety of grommets, inserts and koldlock products to help cater for your project needs.

ASP cable grommets are available in either a push in, or screw in design. They are also available in a variety of colours and sizes to best suit the projects needs.

Click here for Grommets complete product catalogue information

accessories grommets 


 Cable Grommets - Non brushed, brushed and twin brushed COP WB brush series

Cable Grommets Non brushed brushed and twin brushed

Cable Grommets- AL Series

Cable grommets AL Series

ASP Access Floors is a certified distributor of koldlock products in Australia, please contact our office for further details regarding these products.

Panel Lifter and Tray
ASP panel lifter allows for a fast and simple removal of an access floor panel, ASP can also provide you with a custom wall mounted tray to house the panel lifter.

Panel Lifter and Tray







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